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So True

The Truth About Facebook


The Linkage Between Modern Liberalsim and the Puritans

“In politics, the blues were born farther north: in the Puritan commonwealth of 17th century New England centered around Boston. For the Puritans, the construction of a godly society was the first order of business. The state was not the enemy of liberty; the state was society’s moral agent.”

The American Interest

The Christian Worldview

“Every worldview must explain if there can be some rescue from the human predicament, however that predicament is described. The master narrative of Christianity defines that predicament in straightforward terms — we are lost, dead in our sins, and the very enemies of God. But, thanks be to God, we are not left there. The Gospel of Jesus Christ declares salvation and redemption to all who believe in him.”

Albert Mohler

How to Avoid UAC Pop-ups in Windows 7

I hate these pop-ups now that I on Windows 7 and 2008. I need to test this and create some to avoid pop-ups for some of the most common scenarios. I don’t think that it will work for the MCMS prompts.

How To Geek

Whistler Video

Cool video. It takes a while to realize that everything is real and not a model.

IIS 7.5

IIS 7.5 allows much more configuration than IIS 6.0. The new features of 7.5 are discussed in this article.

Christian Thinking and Discipleship

“Christian faithfulness requires the conscious development of a worldview that begins and ends with God at its center.”
Albert Mohler

Hello world!

My first attempt at creating my own blog. I’ll be adding articles and information that I found interesting – even if no one else does. Since I have many different interests, but no real expertise in any of them, the topics will be all over the place.