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The Hunley

This would be really cool to see in person. It’s amazing that after the first crew was lost, they found two more crews willing to take the sub out. Even more amazing is that it worked.


Digital Sistine Chapel

In 3D.

2011 in Precipitation

Texas was really dry.

How to Build a Smarter Airport Terminal

Designing a new airline terminal using crowd-simulation software.

Cool Map

I keep running into this story all over the web.

I’ve always loved looking at maps. The time and dedication that was put in to this map is amazing.

Make your own snow

Easy enough to do.

I just need the equipment and space.

How times have changed

Incredible colour photos from the early 20th century which capture a world on the brink of permanent change.

A Visual Comparison of Earthquake Strength

Wow – Chile 1960.

Merging Tsunami’s

Hopefully, this information will be used to improve Tsunami forecasts.

A Dissenting View on AGW

A Citizen’s Guide to Global Warming Evidence.