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Digital Sistine Chapel

In 3D.


2011 in Precipitation

Texas was really dry.

How to Build a Smarter Airport Terminal

Designing a new airline terminal using crowd-simulation software.

Make your own snow

Easy enough to do.

I just need the equipment and space.

How times have changed

Incredible colour photos from the early 20th century which capture a world on the brink of permanent change.

High Winds in California

Is Henniger Flats the Mount Washington of the West? High winds affected a large part of the West.

Volcanic Ash Cloud With Lightning

An incredible photo of an ash cloud rising from a volcano. As the cloud reaches the cloud deck, lightning encircles the pillar of smoke.

The composition of the photograph is amazing.

Video of a Another Tornadic Close Call

Amazing how close people can get to a tornado and survive. There has been a lot of good tornado footage taken from security cameras this year.

Weather Radar Interpretation: Wave Clutter

Didn’t realize that waves could produce enough spray to appear on radar.


Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Devastation