The Truth About Christmas Lights

This is how Christmas lights are usually set up.


Flight Tracking

Track flights live.

SharePoint 2010 Study Links

A list of links that I have compiled for SharePoint 2010 Certification exams.

The 32 Rules of Thanksgiving Touch Football

Humorous look at the annual Thanksgiving pick-up game.

What’s Flying Overhead?

Cool application that tells you what is flying overhead.

C.S. Lewis and Rob Bell

Good article that puts some of the teachings of C.S. Lewis in perspective. It provides a good contrast to the teachings of Rob Bell.

High Winds in California

Is Henniger Flats the Mount Washington of the West? High winds affected a large part of the West.

Snowfall Comparison for Various Weather Regimes

It will be interesting to see if the long-term trends show a definitive correlation between snowfall and El Nino.

Volcanic Ash Cloud With Lightning

An incredible photo of an ash cloud rising from a volcano. As the cloud reaches the cloud deck, lightning encircles the pillar of smoke.

The composition of the photograph is amazing.

Video of a Another Tornadic Close Call

Amazing how close people can get to a tornado and survive. There has been a lot of good tornado footage taken from security cameras this year.